March 08, 2016 0 Comments

The Banana Box. So this is how it happened: A sweet woman, a picker called me to come see this box of silver and gold that she had for sale. I am trying hard to downsize my inventory because I can't find anything when I ship. It is taking me forever to pull pieces even though everything is stored in organizers. That is why I started the Messy Bowlin the first place. I am only really buying turquoise right now. But, after she kept reminding me to come, I went. There was so much stuff! I told her that it's all beautiful but I only want turquoise and then she tells me the story. 
This jewelry was willed to a pet rescue called SPOT. You can visit them here:
She was selling the jewelry for SPOT and all proceeds go to the pets. Oh man! How could I say "No" now? I bought the whole box. 330 pieces of jewelry. How will I ever do this?
This box is filled with beautiful things. All pieces in great condition. The thing is that they are not really in line with my rustic vibe. I don't want to mix them in with my turquoise and I kind of want to do this: I pulled a few key pieces for my One Kings Lane shop. The rest of the lot will be listed in my new collection called "The Banana Box". Once I earn back my initial investment and as things sell, once a month I will donate a portion of what is sold back to SPOT by using their donate button on their website. 
This way, we can keep track of these estate pieces by giving them their own place to live. 
And just for the record, the box lid has been claimed by my Bengal cats. It is now duct taped to a shelf on their cat tree. It looks very silly, but they love it. It has holes all over and they have been sleeping and playing in it ever since I brought it home.
So get ready! The Banana Box will get it's first few pieces today. I am also still working on filling The Nest with antique photo props and such. I need a clone.
Update: I just made my first $25.00 donation to SPOT. Yay!!!