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Buy The Beetle Bug Banana Box Bash!


The Buy The Beetle Bug Banana Box Bash!

What is it all about?
See these kids below? The second one on the left is my daughter, Emily. You'll recognize her as the model for Yourgreatfinds. She's also 17 1/2 and is learning to drive. It's time to buy her a car. 
She really wants a used Volkswagon Beetle Bug and we have both been saving. Grandpa is even going to pitch in to help. But, we are still a little short of the goal. 
We can do this, but I just cannot find enough time to get all of this jewelry listed. So, last night, Emily and I made a deal. She is going to help me write listings to get the Banana Box emptied. I can't do it myself on top of all of my other duties and my regular inventory listing load. 
We have a huge rain storm that will keep us indoors for the weekend. Starting today, the heavy listing shall commence. Saturday, Emily is going to stay home and write listings for the Banana Box only. You just have to see how much is still left! I have hardly touched the gold. 
What's in it for you besides finally getting to see what else is in that box?
Well in honor of the most famous VW Bug ever, Herbie the Love Bug, we are going to take his racing number and make THAT your discount. Yep, 53% OFF EVERYTHING in the Banana Box. 
What the promo code?


When can you start using the code....Now. Why not? 
How long will the Buy The Beetle Bug Banana Box Bash last? Until the box is empty because I am on a mission! 
Listing will be heavy from right now through Sunday night. 
You can shop here and keep checking back to see what else has been added. 
Let's empty that box, send more money to SPOT animal rescue and BUY THAT BEETLE!
As always. You are so very appreciated. 

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