April 25, 2016 0 Comments

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!

I am sorry that we missed having one last week. I had internet issues that took AT&T two days to fix, and it's still doing it..grrrr!
This week the big deal is on RINGS! My software tells me that more rings are placed into the wish lists than anything else. So let's make some wishes come true!
Use promo code:


for 47% off all RINGS

When does it start? Now. When will it end? The code will be good until Wednesday at Noon, PST to give everyone in all of the time zones time to shop. 
Where to shop? HERE.
Be sure to start your wish list while you are shopping if you have not already. These lists can be saved and shared, even by email. Just send it to your sweetheart before your birthday and tah-dah! You'll get a gift that you really want. 
As always, you are very appreciated!