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The End is Near for The Banana Box

The End is Near for The Banana Box

Yes indeed! The end is near for the Banana Box. It's almost empty. 
This is pretty much it. Here is what is left. Still some good stuff!
I am starting to list it now. It is prom day for Emily so this will happen during times when we are doing prom. 
Update: The earrings in the lower left corner will not be listed. I decided to keep them. The woman who brought this estate to me gave them to me as a gift and they will stay in my jewelry box. 
I have already done the photo shoot. Here is loot is in the original messy bowl waiting to be photographed. 
You can use the "Herbie53" discount code for 53% off items in the Banana Box. We are still saving for the car for Emily. She had her first driving lesson yesterday. The car will come soon!
Be sure to join my new loyalty program to earn points for more discounts. 

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May 15, 2016

Can you please let me know how much the bracelets are many thanks

barbara mercer

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