May 18, 2016 0 Comments

There's been this issue. Every time I come home with a satchel of goods, I do a group shot and post it for you to see. I do this before the items are listed. On Facebook, I do this and you can comment on the ones that you want to see listed first. This is a good plan except, then I have to scramble to get things listed very fast and several people want the thing and some get mad if someone else gets it first and then I feel bad too. 

But the group shots are fun. The photography is one of the creative fun things that I get to do. So this time I did this: I made a little vignette with some of my vintage medicine bag collection. (Not for sale) Then, as I listed pieces, I placed them into the vignette. 

You can view a list of all of the items together by clicking the photo or you can go to the regular search box and search "MagicMess1" and everything in the photo will come up for sale. 

Try it:

I am hoping that this might serve to be a better way for you to get first crack at fresh finds as they become available. Please let me know what you think.