May 30, 2016 0 Comments

It's Treat Yourself Tuesday!
The Banana Box is now gone...well, it has been transformed. I removed most of the original Banana Box estate pieces. Those items have been moved to the Messy Bowl or they were grouped into handfuls and deeply discounted. 
I decided to transform The Banana Boxcollection into something new called "Etsy Close-Outs" . I have been working all year to bring my Etsy store down to a small store. It started out at 1800 items and now there are under 200 visible and another 200 not showing. My goal is to move them all to my website where they can be deeply discounted and moved along to new homes. My goal date is this summer on  July 4. Independence Day. It's perfect to symbolize my Independence from Etsy. 
So for Treat Yourself Tuesday, Here is the deal:
If you want to find Banana Box pieces in the Messy Bowl at that largest discount
those items have seen, 71% OFF

Your code is:  "MessyBowl71"

If you want to shop through the new Etsy Close-outs at 60% off of Etsy pricing: 

Your discount code is: "EtsyCloseOut60"

Only one code can be used per order so if you need to shop both places, you'll need to place two separate orders and I will combine them. If there are shipping overages. I will refund back. 
When does this start? Now. When will it end? I am going to let this run all week until Friday morning. I am still moving items over from Etsy to my website. My daughter is graduating from high school this week and I have a One Kings Lane product deadline to meet. It is going to be a busy week! 
As always, You are very appreciated!