June 03, 2016 0 Comments

Today, I attended a vintage event.. I went for fun with my dear friend, Susan. I took very little cash. I do not need to be buying inventory right now. We are close to the car purchase for my daughter and I don't want to spend money. You know how it is. 
But, I wanted to go to this lovely event. So, went we did! We arrived at the moment that it opened and it was good that we got there early because by the time that we left it was 108 degrees out! 
The dealers had beautiful vignette displays with many horsey things that I love.
Here are some of my favorite things. 
This was the most interesting and different thing that I saw. These pieces of jewelry have live succulents on them!
As it got really hot and we hit the last few dealers on the last row, we found a booth not too elaborately decorated, but she had lots of jewelry. She had stacks of jewelry boxes and messy stacks of trays. She had bags of jewelry and necklaces hanging from everything. Most of it was costume jewelry. The booth was not very busy, so one assumes that there is nothing good there right? Wrong. We started to dig through and opening the jewelry boxes and then I found it. The Indian Basket. It is filled with sterling silver jewelry, some sewing notions, an art Deco ring box and an antique beaded purse.
I had to have it! I bought the whole thing, had to borrow cash from my friend just to get it. I felt so stupid! I have been going to antique flea markets since 1983 and I know that you always need to bring lots of cash! Next time, we'll have more cash and a cooler of ice water. It was so hot! Thank goodness for Susan, the non-antique dealer for having cash for me. 
So, I am keeping the basket. I want to learn about it and it will be a great photography prop. The ring box, I might keep. Have not decided yet. Sewing notions are really nothing special. There's only about 50 items inside, but I have a created a temporary collection to showcase this estate. There are Mexican and Native American pieces. I have not gone through really well, but there are some single stud earrings that I think I will list because of those who wear one extra earring in one ear. 
So here it is: The Indian Basket
I will start listing immediately. I still have a deadline to meet with One Kings Lane  regarding an outstanding up-and-coming Southwestern event this month. I have my Etsy store emptying goal as well, but when you find a hoard, you have to get it as you never know when the next one will come. I get things up as soon as I can. You can see the finds first HERE as they go up. 
I'll go as fast as I can, Promise!
Update: I emptied the basket and here is the vegetable dyed inside. It's so pretty. I need to learn about this basket.