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So here it is! After doing a survey of the best time for you all to have a messy bowl, sale you picked Thanksgiving night. Problem is, I have family obligations that night. 

So here's the deal: I am launching the sale on Thanksgiving Eve. That's this Wednesday night 11-25 at 6:00 PM PST. 

Mark your calendar!

Here is how it will work:

There will be a brand new collection on my website called "MESSY BOWL MARKDOWNS"

The collection is in place, but will not be visible until 6:00 PM PST on Wednesday. 

I have been adding items to this collection all week and there are about 125 items there now. I have marked down and slashed prices. Some of the items are visible in other collections on the website and they sold as soon as the prices were slashed. So, if you don't see something that you spotted in the original bowl, that is why. 

Here's the thing. When the Collection opens, all of the items will be visible and you will have a coupon code for an additional 50% OFF!!!! 

Here is that code:


Have your calculator at your side so that you can figure out prices. No one else gets to use this code. Just my mailing list and Facebook friends. 

This code will only work for item located in the MESSY BOWL MARKDOWN collection

Pictured above is a small amount of the finds that will be in this collection. 

And to make it fun, every time something sells, I will add something else that was not in the collection before. I will be adding pieces Late Thanksgiving night,  Black Friday and through Cyber Monday. So, if you are busy with family, don't feel left out because the collection will be refreshed and added to for at least 5 days and your coupon will be good for 5 days as well. 

A note about the coupon: It will not work for items that are not in the MESSY BOWL MARKDOWNScollection. If you decide to purchase an item that is not in that collection, you can use "DARNLEAKS" for 30% off, but you may need to create a separate order for the two different coupon codes. 

There will also be a Big Bolo Bash over the weekend that will feature all of the fresh bolo tie finds that just arrived. Great gifts for the man in your life. 

I also have a new collection of Mexican Folk Art and Silver Jewelry on the way.

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