January 02, 2016 0 Comments

Consider yourself warned. Very warned.
A storm is coming into So Cal... A 7 day El Niño rainstorm that will keep me from riding Red. No outside sports. No trail rides. No lessons. No sunshine. Just mud and hand walking my boy in the barn. This means that...It's a stay inside and work all day and all night week at Yourgreatfinds.
Rainstorms equal jewelry storms.
This means that everything in this bowl, all things that you have not seen yet, will be listed. And to make matters even sweeter, my best picker has a load for me and I will be seeing him this week, in the rain to pick up fresh vintage and antique estate finds that I have not even seen yet.
You will see every fresh find here first as it is listed on my website- and will be able to use DARNLEAKS for 30% off-even before these pieces go to other venues.
Why? Because you are the best!
So get ready, it's going to rain silver and turquoise!