January 25, 2016 0 Comments


My first Christmas with my own website taught me some interesting things.
First of all, you loved your gift coupon of 50% off of one thing so that you could buy yourself a little thing and not feel guilty about it. So many of those codes were used and I got to se many pieces find new homes. 
I love getting a good deal and I love giving them too. Now, I can't do 50% off all of the time, or I will go out of business, but I can have a special deal, once a week for my special customers that only they know about. You are one of those special people.  I can change it every week and keep it fresh and fun. I have been thinking about it ever since Christmas and now I am ready to just do it!

Every Tuesday for 24 hours, there will be a special coupon code for some special thing or awesome deal. 
Our very first Treat Yourself Tuesday deal is...
65% OFF anything in the MESSYBOWL.  24 hours only. 
And late last night, I came downstairs and added a bunch of things to the Messybowl that you have not seen in there yet. Maybe something that is waiting for you in your shopping cart!
So here's the promo code:    
Have fun and remember, it goes back to 50% at Midnight.