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First of all, why DID I name my business "Yourgreatfinds"? It's about more than just that me going out shopping to find great things to sell. Although, I do that often. 

 Find. It's how I roll. It's about everything. It's who I am. I am the girl that does her research about everything that I buy. Whether it's finding the best hand lotion, the best mattress, the best car, the best fence builder, the best smart phone or the best website host, I have to research all about the thing before I buy it. 

I just went through that process with the purchase of my first pair of tall riding boots. I drove 2 1/2 hours (one way) out to a Hunter/Jumper horse show to see and try all of the high end boots so that I could compare the best of the best to the mid-range and cheaper boots that are available at the tack shops. I looked at boots on people's feet to see how they wore down and I interviewed riders about their boots. Yes, I do get sick of myself sometimes. I make it way more work than it should be. I just want to spend my money wisely, don't you? I don't like wasting it on Chinese made junk that wears out too fast. With the boots, I ended up with a mid to low range price boot that is out sourced by Ariat. I learned that the Italian boots wear out just as fast.  These are my new boots. They look nice, support my ankles and make me keep my heels down when in the saddle. I learned that stiff leather is better when you are learning this discipline anyway. When my legs are stronger, perhaps some Italian riding boots will be had by me. 

I do that with things that I sell as well by the way. I know a lot about turquoise and Native American jewelry but I keep a low profile. Why? Because there is a group of very mean people who think that they know it all on FB. They use FB to discredit other sellers in an attempt to raise themselves up above their competition and sell their product. I really don't like that or them. So, I am very mellow about my knowledge to keep them away from my page. But, do know that I research my pieces greatly. Because, that's what I do. 

I love to look around the web when I am loading photos and such. I love to see what's in fashion and what colors are hot. That's why you'll see me posting great finds on my Facebook page that are not things that I sell sometimes. Sometimes I am shopping and researching something and I share those finds too. 



What is the issue today?

 Well, someone has to say it....BRAS. OMG!

Does anyone make a good bra? 

So here's my problem. When it comes to boobies, we all have issues.  I am 55. I am a small girl who genetics gave me my great grandmother Millie's huge tah-tahs. They were nice to have when I was young, and when I was breast feeding, but now, they are heavy and I am tired of them touching my arms. 

I have done the Nordstrom fitting, twice. I have the $120.00 bras. They are not what they are cracked up to be. 

I also about 10 years back, broke my right clavicle so if I wear a bra with normally positioned bra straps over the shoulder, I look like white trash with my bra strap hanging down my arm all of the time. 

Only I don't look like her, it's old lady with a bra strap hanging. 

I would love to be able to wear a bra like this. 

For me, those days are over. By the way, this photo was found on google and it linked to a site on storenvy that was closed. 

So, I have to wear racer back sport bras and that put pressure on my trapezius muscles and give me a neck ache. 

And underwires? HATE THEM. Who ever thought of that? I will never wear those damn things again. To hell with that!!!

I found a cool website called biggirlbras. They have great things for big boobies and big girls. But, I am a small top heavy girl that needs a sport bra. It did not work for me but if you are a special bra needs girl, it's a great website. 

After that, I tried the Genie Bra. That's what I wear now. They have a double thick sport bra that straps my girls down into one uni-boob and holds them in place while I ride my horse. Pretty good, but these bras are so HOT! Menopausal women don't like to be HOT. 

Now, I am on a diet, trying to lose some fat, whatever I can to make my menopausal boobs smaller. It's working a bit. 

Maybe I can just wait until my 70s when they are hanging low. I won't need a bra. Just tuck them into the waistband of my pants and call it good.