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A New Helmet Must Be Had Now

This is blog post that I never planned to write. 
First of all, I have been shopping for a new riding helmet. I always wear one, but my helmet is too hot.
It has poor ventilation and when I am finished riding I am a sweaty mess. 
This is my helmet:

I found the perfect helmet that has great air flow and great protection. But, it's too expensive. I have been dragging my feet about ordering it, being a single mom, you just don't to spend the money on yourself sometimes. 

But, yesterday, it happened. I got hurt. I wore my helmet for 3 1/2 hours riding trail and then having a lesson. It was 95 degrees here yesterday. When I was finished, I was a sweaty mess. I took Red to his stall to switch boots, get a drink and cool off. I removed my helmet to a totally gross, wet head. If you are menopausal, you know that we women hate being HOT. Always so HOT! Hats are great to keep you warm when you are in cold weather, but when it is hot, a helmet does not let you cool down. 

So, I left the helmet off and took Red to rinse him off and let him graze on some fresh grass before I put him away for the day. He had worked hard. Then it happened. He spooked, knocked me to my hands & knees and trampled over me. I took a hoof to the head with no helmet. 

I was a sweaty, bloody mess and my trainer had to take me to the emergency room. I now have 5 staples in my head. I was very lucky that I was anticipating a spook and had turned to a safer position just before it happened. If only I had been still wearing my helmet! Lucky for me I have no concussion. My elbows and knees are bloodied and bruised, but I will be fine. 

So, I need to buy the new helmet. I was fitted for it weeks ago, but I talked myself out of ordering it. It has a cooling system and a wider visor that will make it more comfortable to wear whenever I am handling Red. 

Here's what I am going to do. Everything in the MESSY BOWL is 75% with this coupon:


I will add some finds to the bowl over the next few days. I will add things that I think that I have had for too long or that I know someone will want at a super low price fast. I am not even going to look at what is in that collection because 75% off is way below my cost. 

The coupon will be good until I raise the money to buy the helmet with no guilt.  I figure you only get one head. Better take good care of it. 

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As always. Thanks for reading my posts and emails.