February 29, 2016 0 Comments

It's Leap Day! 

We've got to celebrate somehow, so let's start


When does it start? Well, how about...Now?
First of all it's RINGday! You'll get 43% off off all rings in the Ring collection. (There's 19 pages of rings) And I added some fresh finds last night. Tonight, more are coming too!
Here's your code:


But, there's a special bonus! I have had so many people ask about my pretty "From: Me . To: Me" covered boxes that I use for my photography. Well, I make them. I was once an artist, I even taught art. I just don't have time for it these days, but sometimes the little artist inside of my heart sneaks out for a little while. 
Here's what I did: I stayed up late last night and I made five covered ring boxes. See:
They are rustic and distressed. The covering is paper, not fabric. They are signed, numbered in the order that I made them and dated with today's Leap Day date. 
I only have 5. They take a long time to make. 
The first 5 people who spend $150.00 during this Treat Yourself Tuesday will have one of their ringsshipped out in one of these boxes. You'll get one hand-made art box free with your order.  I will ship them out in the order that I made and numbered them meaning the first order over $150.00 gets number one, the second one will get number two and so on. One box per person. My gift to you. You do not have to buy rings to get one, you just have to spend $150.00. 
Please know that these will go fast. Treat Yourself Tuesday is fast and furious. If you want one of these boxes please act quickly. I will feel bad if I have sad people who did not get one and I just don't have time to make more of them.
Ok? Got your code?
Let's do this!!!
As always, Thank you so much. Every sale, every home that I find for my hand picked pieces means the world to me!
Check out my wisteria. It's just about to bloom! Spring is here!
Big hugs to you!