December 12, 2016 0 Comments

Apparently, It's Green Monday.
This morning, I found an email from Etsy on an email address that I rarely use telling me that it's
"Green Monday".
I'm not sure what that means, I'll have to google it. If it means "green" in the sense of preserving our environment, then I'm in because recycling vintage jewelry is very green. No tearing at the earth for new gold and silver, no digging holes and mine for new stones...Ok. I get that. 
If it means that they are giving away the "green" meaning money, I get that too. 

So Etsy's deal is this: If you are a new customer, never bought something there before... you can play. If you spend $50.00 by Midnight tonight you get a $10.00 gift certificate to spend next time you shop there. And that $10.00 does have an expiration date. 
Now, I thought about this and looked at my regular email where my active Etsy account lives, nothing from Etsy. 

I get that they are trying to drum up new business, but what about loyal customers? Don't they deserve something special for being loyal?
I am thinking that the answer is YES. 

Oh, I can do better than that Etsy!

So here's the deal: 
It's Green Monday at Yourgreatfinds too!

You can use code 

$15.00 OFF your purchase of $75.00 NOW.
No waiting until next time.

Why didn't I do $10.00 on $50.00? Because if you take $10.00 off of $50.00 then you'll miss out. 
You'll spend $40.00 and miss out on Free shipping on all orders over $50.00
The December Giveaway for my loyal customers. 
For every $50.00 spent on my website in the month of December you are entered to win this Gypsy Feather Squash Blossom Necklace!

You can use your code on anything on my website, even the Messy bowl where there is a 50% off sale now, Gypsy Feather and Penny. Why?
Because I APPRECIATE YOU! Your continued business means the world to me and my family. 
When does this start?
How long?
We'll go 48 hours instead of 24. It will end at midnight, Tuesday night. 
Are you Ready?


Don't forget that you'll get rewards fact for the next two days, I'll DOUBLEthem! What ever you earn in points, I'll match it. If you have not signed up for rewards, you might want to now. 
Double rewards will be added manually, by me so please be patient. 
Thank you so much!