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This Collection is named after Penny, the little chestnut Arabian mare pictured above left next to my first horse, the late beloved Snickers. She was a sweet horse always willing to please. 
Penny, the collection, is a place where you will find sweet deals to please your desires and jewelry obsession. It's a treasure box where you get to pick a prize or two. (Remember when you were a kid at the dentist?)  I created Penny so that you will have a place to cash in your earned rewards points or spend your $5 gift card for signing up for my VIP Newsletter. 
Items that you find in Penny are available no where else on my website. In Penny you'll find things that I took from other collections and deeply discounted. There are finds from my One Kings Lane shop, also deeply discounted. I also have treasures here that I think are special and want to offer to my special customers for wholesale. You will find items that I bought because I purchased an entire estate to get a special piece. That happens often and I have a huge box of items (That I call "The Box")  that I obtained in this fashion. Some of these pieces are beautiful, but not really "on brand" or they don't match my vibe. 
I will consistently place items into the Penny collection meaning that it is a place that you will want to check daily. 
So, How does Penny work? 
The only discount codes that can be used in the Penny collection is your rewards or the $5 gift card mentioned above. No other promo codes will be honored. Penny may be closed during some of our special events. 
Everything within this collection is priced with a dollar amount plus one cent. Example: $25.01. Why? If you want to spend a $25 reward on a $25.00 item to get that item free, the system won't process it. So, you'll have to pay a penny for it if your rewards equal the price of the item. Keep in mind that anything under $50. will have a shipping charge. If you order something outside of Penny and the total is over $50, I will combine and manually refund shipping. 
If you make a mistake and use a promo code with a "Penny" item, that order will be cancelled and we'll start over. All items that have a price that end in .01 are not subject to promo codes other than rewards points and gift cards. 
Can you just shop the Penny collection and buy stuff at low prices without a rewards code?
Yes, you sure can. 
One last thing: Even though there is a "Make an Offer" button in every Penny listing, no offers will be accepted. The Make an offer app is an all or nothing app. 
Now that you know what the scoop is, Take a look!