February 04, 2017 0 Comments

I Have to do WHAT?
In preparation for my tax appointment this year my accountant told me today that I have to do a physical inventory of all of

Oh, Heck No! I don't have time for that!

So, I have two choices. Send it off to melt or scale it down, fast. 

Here's the first step. Tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night, I will be going through my website finding all of the things that I think I've had too long. I am going to slash the prices and move them to The Penny Collection
I spent most of yesterday removing most of the sold items, and there were more of those than items for sale. It should be much easier to navigate. 

I made a VIP Code to give you 10% OFF on TOP of the already greatly slashed prices that you'll be seeing. These treasures have to move along to new homes. 

The Code is:


I have already moved about 40 items over, but there will be more, many, many more. You'll see them appear through the next three nights. 
Sunday Morning UPDATE: Things are moving out so fast! Thank you! I decided last night to even sell things at a loss because, it's a write off! Tonight I will be blasting more great deals into The Penny Collection. 

That's it for now. I will be in touch about any other moves that decided to make regarding this issue. I don't mean to sent too many emails. I would never want to bother you. It's just that many of the things that will be slashed are high on wishlists. I wouldn't want you miss out on getting that one thing that you really wanted for perhaps 80% off. Who knows?
As always, You are very appreciated. 
❤️ Linda