January 06, 2017 0 Comments

It's A Penny 🍬 Candy Jewelry Show
Hi! I have never sent an email about my late night jewelry shows, I usually announce them on my Facebook Page. 
But, we did not have a Treat Yourself Tuesday so I decided to let you know that I went out buying today and will be doing the same tomorrow. 
I will be having jewelry shows for the next three nights. 
Tonight's show starts now! 

Tonight I will be showcasing eye candy in The Penny Collectionso it's called the Penny Candy show. The first to go up are the pieces pictured above. None of these are live yet. I will start writing the listings as soon as I release this email. You can watch them go live and  SHOP HERE.

Since you are a VIP, you can use promo code
13% offall purchases
even The Penny Collectionthrough Sunday night. 

I got home late tonight, after the sun went down so I had to shoot my photos in the light box. They will have boring white backgrounds, I'm sorry. Those photos take longer to clean up, so bear with me as I get these piece live. Know that I will be working as fast as I can. 

Also, I have a new app, (Of Course) that lets you shop my Instagram feed. I am in the midst of tagging and adding photos, but  CHECK IT OUT  HERE. Would love to know what you think of it.
Thank you. As Always, I appreciate you!