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Tonight's Jewelry Show is TURQUOISE!

This morning before the sun rose, Emily and I left our cozy warm beds and headed out into a dark, cold and rainy morning in search of vintage turquoise jewelry.
Did we find any?
YESwe did! I am so excited!
We came home with over 50 pieces of fresh vintage Navajo and Zuni jewelry. We found rings... some massive and some dainty, bracelets, chunky necklaces and beautiful earrings. I even found a Navajo turquoise ring in 14k yellow gold. Most are turquoise, but there is coral. lapis and mother of pearl as well. I love every piece that we found. 

I will start listing these pieces on my website as soon as this email is released. The photo above is a small sampler of what was found today. These will go live first. 
Watch them as they go live HERE.

As you see these go live, you will notice that my prices are somewhat lower. I am having to pay more for turquoise these days, but I have officially left One Kings Lane and I can now adjust my prices to have lower profit margins as there is not nearly the commission charged to me on my website as was present on the sales platform. While I was a vendor there, I had to have continuity in pricing between the two websites.  In turn, you will see smaller discounts, but overall, you will be paying less and getting even more value than ever before! 👏🏻

So, tonight's jewelry show as well as tomorrow night's will be Southwestern and turquoise. We are going to kick this one off with a
20% Off
coupon for the
Southwestern Collection
where all of these pieces will appear. 

Your promo code is: "GimmeBlue"

This will only work in this collection SHOP HERE

You can also use this code for anything in this collection, not just fresh finds. 
You can still use "Lucky13" for the rest of the website for the rest of the weekend, even The Penny Collection. 

A quick note about Cameos. I have at the least 30 more that will be going up on my website over the next week. I know that I have many cameo collectors that visit my website. Just know that the mother lode is coming. I am trying to put up a couple per day.  You can find them HERE.

That's all for now! I probably won't do a Treat Yourself Tuesday this week because of these jewelry shows, but I will be creating new listings every day. 

As always, you are greatly appreciated!