Raw Nature Bracelet by Temi Kucinski Sterling Silver Fossils Gemstones

Handmade raw nature bracelet by Etsy artist 

Temi Kucinski. I was not sure ehat the stones in the center rosette are. I could not decide if they were volcanic glass or agates as they look like embers from a fire in the sun. I scrolled through all of her sold listings and found this exact bracelet! 

Here is her description: 

"A gorgeous natural themed sterling silver with a center amulet with a pyrite crystal and four ancient agates, a petrified wood cabochon, a drusy agate, and a pyrite fossil ammonite. Unique.

Seven inches in length." *

*Regarding the length, it is actually with the toggle clasp 8" long and will comfortably fit a 7-7 1/2" wrist. The center panel is 1 1/4" wide. Weight: 40.8 grams. Super special piece!