Vintage Navajo Cuff Bracelet with No.8 Mine Spider Web Turquoise Sterling Silver

Vintage Chunky Navajo sterling silver cuff bracelet. It is set with a rough turquoise stone from the No. 8 Mine. It is a seafoam green indoors and more of a turquoise color outside. Some of these photos were shote outside and some inside hence the difference in color with some of the photos. 

The stone has brown matrix and small nodules of turquoise. The one wide strip of brown "matrix" is not chert, but some sort of filler that the lapidary expert felt that it needed. It matches the chert perfectly. 

Stone measures 1 1/2" in diameter which is a great find as this mine is closed and has been for a long time. Several years after it closed, the owner of the mine sold all of the turquoise that he had in inventory to one Middle Eastern buyer who shipped it out of the country. All that remains survives in private hoards or in vintage pieces such as this. 

The bracelet is formed of four hand pulled wire cuffs that are soldered at the terminals and decorated with bars, feathers and raindrops. Nice twisted wire "rope" around the hand cut sawtooth bezel. The bezel is the old style that come up over the face of the stone. Has nice smooth wear. 

Measures 1 7/8" wide. The interior measures 5 7/8" plus the opening of 1 1/4". Will fit a wrist that measures 7 1/8" just as it is. It will adjust a bit. 

Weight: 93.5 grams. No Hallmarks. Acid tested. Uni-sex.