Vintage Signed Navajo Watch Bracelet with Original Automatic Timex Watch

Vintage 1970s Signed Navajo sterling silver bracelet watch band by artist R. Spencer. Hallmarked inside. It is set with natural coral and turquoise. The pieces that hold the watch are skipwork fans. It has an interior measurement if 5 5/8" plus the opening of 1 1/8". It is not adjustable. 1" wide. Tarnished. 

The watch. I left it in place because it looks nice and it is original to the cuff. This listing Is for the cuff and the watch is a free bonus. It is a 1970s Timex and an automatic fashioned after the Rolex datejust of the time. I wore it while I was shooting photos and it started to work because of the movement of my arm. That is how it winds. It was slow and did not keep good time losing about 10 minutes per hour. I'm not sure if having it serviced would fix it since it has been sitting for decades. The luminous on the hands  still glow in the dark if you hold it up to a light. The crystal has some scratches. I was able to move the hands with the crown, but not the date. Maybe I didn't do it right. The dial is made in England. Handsome watch, really. Anyway, you get a nice extra bonus watch with this band. I would have taken it in to be serviced to see if we could save it, but my watch guy had to close his business down during COVID. Weight of this piece is 80 grams.