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Early Navajo Concho Earrings Made From Hammered Coins

These Navajo conchos were once on a belt and were converted to earrings at some point. You can see the old solder marks on the back were the original bars were. New bars were soldered on with posts and I added oversized clutches to stabilize them when wearing. 

Each concho was made of two coins that were hammered flat. You can see the reeding around the edge of the large concho. It has been hand hammered and stamp decorated. There is no way to know if this was a 1/2 American dollar or a Peso. There was then a smaller coin hammered and stamp decorated and them laid over the larger concho and soldered in place. Just outstanding pieces! 

They measure 1 7/8" long by 1 3/8" wide. Each earring weighs 13 grams. 

Second phase style with horizontal orientation and closed center. C. 1900 to 1920.   Truly collector's pieces. Antique, 100 years old or more.