Vintage Leather Australian Bush Hat

Vintage brown leather Australian bush hat. When I bought this it was smashed flat as a pancake. It was a light tan color like the underside. Kind of plain and boring, but an authentic Australian hat none-the-less. When leather hats are smashed like that, you cannot steam them back into shape. You have to dunk them in water. I dunked it, stuffed and put it in the warn California sun to dry. The water stained this hat to a gorgeous warm rusty brown with amazing dark water patterns all over it. I am tempted to now condition it, but it is beautiful this way. I almost kept it.

Here is the sizing info:

Crown is a size 22". Flat crown that is 3" deep. The brim is 3" wide. Has a leather browband for sweat that has no marks on it from wear, but it is coming loose at one end.