Authentic and Vintage James Reid leather Belt and sterling Silver Buckle Set

Vintage authentic belt by the famous James Reid of Santa Fe, NM. Both the buffalo leather and the buckle are hallmarked by James. The belt is black and a size 28. The ranger buckle set is exquisite with a rich floral design. Belt is 1 1/8" wide. Silver is removable.  I love that belt and hardware are original. Great condition. No marks from being worn. 

👉🏻 James opened his shop in 1979 and was Santa Fe's best known and  silversmith who made belt buckles, cufflinks and western jewelry. His work is prized and highly collected. Prices for a buckle was upwards of $1100 new. Tragically, in the year 2017 customers started seeing that orders placed were not being filled. This went on through 2018 until James had legal troubles from non-delivery and his store was closed.