Authentic Louis Vuitton Noe Monogram Bucket Bag with COA

Truly vintage and authentic Louis Vuitton Noe Monogram Bucket Bag. This bag was made in March of 1988 in France. It has date code 883 FC. Heat stamp on the lower outer plaque and on the handle at the center.

It was authenticated by authenticate first and will come with a COA. The COA is black and white and the photo is not a good one. However, the date code is clear. I bought this with the COA which was provided on black and white. I contacted authenticate first for the original so that I could print you one in color and they would not let me do that.

The base measures 10 1/2" by 7 3/4". It is 13 1/2" tall. The shoulder strap is 27" long right now, but it has two buckles and will adjust longer or shorter.

It has been cleaned and the vachetta has been conditioned. The vachetta has a warm patina and has turned a beautiful dark honey color. The bottom has many spots and stains. The interior has some spots, but has been cleaned.   The brass hardware has a nice patina. Leather drawstring is a replacement. The original is still with the bag and will come inside of a little pouch inside of the bag. It was replaced because it broke. I want to keep it with the bag because it is original.

 Edging leather is in great condition. Interior has no pockets inside and does not have a ring for a pochette. This was made before they started adding one. I have a Noe of this vintage and I hook my pochette to the strap ring and it works just fine. From a non-smoking home.

These bucket bags hold SO MUCH! I have taken mine to the grocery store where I forgot to bring my shopping bags (In California-annoying bag law) and I put all of my groceries into my Noe and she carried all of it!