Sterling Silver Painted on Porcelain Necklace by Amado M. Pena Jr.

Painted on porcelain pendant on chain necklace by Yaqui Artist Amado M. Pena Jr. The painting on the porcelain featured two Native American women wrapped in blankets. Simple sterling frame pendant. Indian blanket design on the back with hallmarks. 

Chain has a toggle clasp and measures 20" long. 

Weight of the necklace weighs 37.4 grams. 

(Amado M Pena is an internationally renowned Mexican artist. This work is a tribute to Native Americans who survived by living in harmony with their untamed environment. 
Amado is a Mestizo of Mexican and Yaqui ancestry. His art celebrates the strength of a people who meet the harsh realities of life in an uncompromising land, and his work is a tribute to the Native Americans who survive by living in harmony with an adversarial, untamed environment.)