Early Dark Blue natural Turquoise Ring Navajo Sterling Silver Fred Harvey Era 5.5

Early Navajo Fred Harvey Era ring set with deep blue natural turquoise. This stone has a crack that was always there. These days those cracks are fille dwith resin. This stone is natural, not filler, no plastic. 

This ring is so nice that if it fit my ring finger, it would be in my collection right now. (I don't wear pinky rings and that's how it fits me) It is a size 5.5.

The face measures 3/4" wide. The bezel is hand notched and the applied fans are stamp decorated and embellished with a single raindrop on each side. The whole ring is ingot formed and formed with early construction techniques. 

No hallmarks. Acid tested. (Sterling silver or higher. Often times silver content is higher as these pieces were made from melted Mexico coins that were .999 silver)