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Early Navajo Green Turquoise Ring in Sterling Silver with Snake Eyes

Early Navajo sterling silver ring set with a large green turquoise stone surrounded by snake eye stones. 

I suspect that all of these stones, even the center stone was once blue like the few remaining blue stones. These stones are all natural and turned green over the years with exposure to air and skin oils. Isn't is beautiful?

Many of the snake eyes are chipped or cracked and some are missing much of the dome. I could have replaced them but with a ring of this age it is most appropriate to leave in as found condition and not disturb its story. 

Shank is hand formed and stamp decorated. Has flow marks inside and it looks like an hold repair in one side. 

Size: 5

Measures 1 1/2" long by 5/8" wide. Very tarnished. No hallmarks. Weight: 9 grams. 

C. 1920.