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Early Navajo Wrought Copper Cuff Bracelet with Dye Stamp Decoration

This came from a private collection in AZ. The previous owner has an amazing collection of early Navajo jewelry. I'm thrilled to be able to offer this as many of my customers wear copper for arthritis and this one is Gorgeous!

It was hand wrought of solid copper. You can see the flow marks on the inside of the cuff. It is deeply hand stamp decorated all the way to the terminal tips.

Measures 1 5/8" wide. I measured the thickness of the copper with a caliper and it is 1.7 mm thick. The interior measurement is 5 1/2" plus the opening of 1 1/2". Will fit a 7" wrist and can be adjusted if you are strong. The copper has a beautiful deep patina from age. It is highly advised to never polish this for it will greatly devalue it as a collectible piece. Fred Harvey Era. C. 1920-1930.