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Graduated Puka Shell Necklace with Bone Beads 19" long

This necklace was purchased from the original owner's family. Their mother had it in the 1970s and kept it all of her life. It was 15" long and choker length as was customary back in the day. 

Later in life she wanted to wear it again, but she had matured and her 15" necklace no longer fit her neck. She had it restrung and not having any pukas to add so 10 larger bone beads were added to center front to give it a bigger look. A new clasp and a few silvertone beads were added at the back as well. 

I thought about restoring to original, but there are many of us that cannot wear a 15" choker. It looks so pretty, so it says as estate found. 

It is now 19" long. The pukas range in diameter from 4.2 mm to 12.6 mm. The puka shells are totally natural with rounded edges and natural holes. Nice sunbleaching with some shells still showing some golden color.  The bone beads are 16.3 mm in diameter. Weight: 68.9 grams. I did not test the clasp for metal purity.