Heavy Sterling Silver Bracelet LOADED with 20 Charms

Vintage sterling silver charm bracelet with 20 oversized charms. The bracelet is heavy and well made. Bracelet has thick double loops with a slide-in locking clasp. Very strong and perfect for the large and heavy charms it holds.  Has a safety chain with a clasp. 

Measures 7 1/4" long and almost 1/2" wide. Weight: 4.2 ounces. Some of the jump rings are soldered closed and some are not. You might want to check all of them to be sure not to lose a charm if this bracelet becomes yours. 

Tarnished. Some charms are marked sterling and some are not. The birdcage has a little blue bird. I think that he's part of the casting and painted blue. Enamel painted man swings around the light pole. Santa has enamel that is very chipped. White House charm is not a stanhope.  Super nice piece.