Massive Vintage Sterling Silver Navajo Cuff Bracelet Turquoise & Coral Augustine Largo

Vintage 1970s Massive cuff bracelet in sterling silver. It is set with red coral and blue turquoise. It has elaborate applique work. This cuff was made by Navajo artist 

Augustine Largo. If you look closely at the design you'll see that there is a round green turquoise stone with two stamp decorated arrows. That piece is 30 years older than this bracelet. I believe in looking at the shape of the cuff where in this area the sides flare in and out again, that this was once a watch bracelet with the watch holders off to the side. This was very much the fashion in 1975. I do think that the watch tabs were removed or damaged. This entire area was re-worked with existing silver that was applied just like the appliqué work. I looks fantastic! 

This cuff measures 7 1/8" interior circumference plus the opening of 1 1/4". It is 2" at it's widest part. Weight: 121.3 grams. Hallmarked inside. Beautiful one of a kind piece.