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Diamond Ring 14k White Gold Engagement

This ring is Mid 1900s in vintage and is a nice modest cocktail ring that is appropriate for everyday wear.It is a size 4. A jeweler can size it. I do not have the ability to do that for you at this time.It weighs 3.5 grams. 

Marked 14k.

The setting suggests botanical leaves and florals.
The three larger diamonds are at least 1/8 carat weight each, but they are set in bright white gold settings that accentuate their size.
The "leaves" are set with diamonds that are approximately 2 points each. There are 8 of these diamonds. Less then 1/2 carat total weight. I cannot remove the stones to weigh them so sizing is approximated on measurements.
I examined the stones with a 30X jeweler's loupe. All of them are the old brilliant cut style. The three larger stones have nice color. One has two small carbon spots and I see an inclusion here and there in these stones, but they are over all quite clean. The smaller stones, some are clean and some do not have the clarity of the others. All of the stones are quite well color matched and they all have great brilliance and sparkle. I photographed them indoors and outside in the sun so you can see it in different lighting conditions. Very nice on. One that I would love to glance down at and watch it sparkle.
The face of the ring measures 5/8" x 1/2".