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Navajo Cuff Bracelet with Spider Web Turquoise Gold on Sterling Silver

Vintage Navajo sterling silver cuff bracelet. It is set with spider web turquoise that has a golden brown matrix. The cuff is formed with two cuffs, the outer one is convex and there is hollow airspace between the two. The interior is sterling silver and hallmarked. The outer surface is gold filled over sterling silver and looks brassy when it is tarnished. If you polish it up it's almost white, but goes brassy in a few days. This was done so that it would match the matrix in the stone. Nice appliqué around the setting. 

It is not adjustable. It will buckle and dent due to the design of it if you want to bend it. Interior measures 5 1/4" plus the opening of 1 3/4". For a 7" wrist. Measure 1 3/4" wide. Weight: 77 grams. Super nice piece. 

Has some uneven surface areas but it is not dented from a hit.