Navajo Silver Barrel Bead & Turquoise Disk Bead Necklace

Early Navajo beaded necklace that was brought to me from Arizona. It was on original string that was similar to dental floss. The clasp was broken and half of it was missing. Since the beads are so good and the necklace is early, I restrung it. I used a modern clasp that is not sterling silver, which I don't usually do, but I don't happen to have any vintage Indian clasps in stock right now. 

The turquoise beads are hand drilled of natural turquoise that is rich in color with matrix. There are three hand soldered and stamp decorated barrel beads; the center bead is tapered for the curve of the front of the necklace. 

Necklace measures 18" long. Cones and hogan beads are sterling silver and original. Beads are slightly graduated in diameter from 6mm to 12mm. Weight: 2 ounces.