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Navajo Wedding Necklace Sterling Silver Pearls Stamp Decoration

Vintage Navajo wedding necklace of hand soldered sterling silver Bench beads known as "silver pearls". They were constructed in halves, the holes were punched by hand from the inside out and then they were soldered together. These are older style beads. The five larger beads at the front are hand stamp decorated the rest are not. Cones are stamp decorated as well. 

Necklace is 18 1/4" long and the beads are on chain. Smaller beads are 10.2 mm in diameter and the larger beads are 15.7 mm and the center bead is 16.6 mm in diameter. All measure with a caliper.

Weight of necklace is 35.8 grams. Tarnished. No hallmarks. Acid tested.