Outstanding Navajo Pendant / Belt Buckle with Bright Purple Charolite in Sterling Silver

Outstanding find! This signed KOF and dated 1992 sterling silver belt buckle doubles as a pendant! The large bail hooks onto the belt bar. Might take a pari of needle-nose pliers to remove the bail as it was design to come off easily but not when you don't want it to.

This huge piece is set with a gem grade purple charoite stone. This stone has so much movement that it looks like a racing river! The stone measures 2 3/8" by 1 3/4".  The stone is surrounded with appliqué work with flowers and leaves or feathers and raindrops. The face of the piece measures 3 1/8" by 2 1/2". Belt bar is 1 1/2" wide and is for a belt that wide. The bail is 7/8" long and has a large opening so it could be worn on a chain or beads. 

Weight: 92.7 grams.