Sterling Silver Shiprock Mosaic Watch Band Plates by William Singer Navajo

Sterling silver hand made watch band plates with Shiprock chip mosaic inlay done in shards of turquoise and red coral. Made by William Singer, Navajo. William is the brother of the late Tommy Singer. 

These measure 2" long by 1 1/2" wide. The pin tubes are 3/4" long and the expansion band slots are 5/8" wide. 

Hallmarked on the back with one of the many marks by William. Together they weigh 38.2 grams. Very tarnished. 

Will work with Apple Watch. Mine is the 38mm. I don't know if the pin tubes will work on the 40mm as I don't have one. 

You can get the expansion part of the watch band on Amazon for around $25.00. The converters for less than $10.00.