August 31, 2016 0 Comments

Changes coming! Last night, the sold item count hit 2000. I was trying to navigate my website on my phone as most of you do. Problem is that the sold item gallery is integrated with products and the platform that hosts my website does not let me hide them. They're clogging up my website!

I am not going to close the sold item gallery, but It is going to be very small with only the most epic of pieces. I could spend time making collages of all these wonderful finds, but I just don't have time. I've got to delete them and move on. For those of you that have them in your wishlists because you need to keep the photo because you are trying to find one, I am sorry. I know that there are a lot of you doing that.  Perhaps you can screen shot the item before I take it down. 

You can access the SOLD ITEM GALLERY HERE


Please forgive any problems this may cause.