Just Who IS Yourgreatfinds?

Hi there! I'm Linda and I am Yougreatfinds

This my beautiful daughter, Emily who also is the flagship model for Yourgreatfinds. She is also a great picker and attends antique events with me. She has her own Etsy shop here

I have been in business for myself most of my life. When I was young, I was employed in the optical industry first for an Optometrist and then as a sales rep for Carrera and Porsche Design sunglasses. It was those jobs that taught me and and prepared me to have my first business, Linda Madden Designs. We made dried flower wreaths for shops all over the country and we made hats, accessories and some clothing for boutiques, Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. The two gorgeous gals are sisters, Brenda and Zenda and they were the heart of my business. They did it all! They helped design, create, packed and shipped, did shows, took orders and modeled. Such fun days those were!



As you can see, my designs always had a vintage influence as I gathered quite a collection of antiques that were used for photo shoot props and ended up decorating my home.
That brought me to my next adventure, a space in an antique mall, which turned into a partnership in a group antique shop after I sold my design business. We had a wonderful American country antique shop that gave me the opportunity to travel all over the country and make connections with great people, some of whom I still buy from today. 
Here's a few photos of American Roots Country Antiques back in the 1990s.
I started selling on line on eBay when I was pregnant and on bed rest with Emily in 1998. My original eBay ID is gone, but yourgreatfinds was born in the year 2000. If you are wondering if you can trust buying from me, you can see my ebay feedback here: Yourgreatfinds Feedback
Even though I was a Top Rated Seller and all of that jazz, I left eBay years ago and never looked back. I LOVE having own website!
I love all sorts of vintage jewelry. As you might have noticed I specialize in Native American Turquoise.
You can visit a short article about me and my turquoise here.  
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Please come visit me on social media. I would love to meet you. My Facebook page is very active with many kindred spirits to talk to. Come join us. 
Every item that I offer is antique or vintage and hand-picked by me because I like it. I love searching for rare and wonderful things. I am happy to have a journal right here on my website so that I can share buying trips, adventures and such with you. 
And, there's another thing. I love horses! I live at the beach with my my family, 2 bengal cats...and my beautiful Arabian horse named 'Red Wolf".
When I need to relax you'll find me on trail. Even when I don't, I am usually at the barn with that horse...if I am not working, and I do a lot of that.  As well as being turquoise addicted and chocolate addicted, I am horse addicted. 
Wanna come ride with me?