How to Spend Your Jewel Bucks

Here's how you do it:
Go to the brown Jewel Bucks rewards banner on the lower right and click it. 

If you already have a rewards account it will take you there. If not, you can sign up now and the system should remember anything that you bought in the past and give you retroactive points. 

(If you do not want to sign up, you can still take advantage of the great prices and fresh finds that have been added to my website, but you will not earn rewards.) 

Once you arrive at your dashboard, find the "redeem points" button and click that. It will send you an email with a special code that works like a promo code or a gift card.

The code is unique to you and will be kind of long. It will start with the amount of the credit. It will look something like this:  5dollars - 18dZqur-3475.

It's best to highlight and copy this code straight from your email. Include the "5Dollars" "10Dollars" "25Dollars" whichever yours is, because that is part of the code. You can only use one rewards code at a time.

Then you just paste that code into the promo code box at check-out.It's the same box that you enter sales event codes. That's all there it to it. 

If you don't have a rewards account, you can earn points not only from purchases, but from sharing on social media. It's fun and a great way to give yourself a discount.You can spend your points anywhere on my website on anything that you want.

I cannot retroactively award the discount so if you have a problem, email me right away at