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Vintage Turquoise Jewelry Show Tonight!

Vintage Turquoise Jewelry Show Tonight!

 My gems and minerals are waiting for me to start shooting photos. Aren't they pretty?
I am getting ready to start shooting because there will be a flash jewelry show tonight on my main website  All vintage, all Southwestern. 
During this event the promo code


will be activated and you will be able to purchase turquoise at

30% off.

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 I will start with the pieces pictured above, but I have many more to go.
I will begin at 3:00 PST and work for 1 1/2 hours. I will take a break to feed Red and will be back at it after that. 
The other thing that I need to tell you is that decided that the Grand Opening of the Outlet will be March 31. That's is my late mother's birthday, so it will be in honor of Mom. I have been working hard to get the outlet stocked up for this event. There will be giveaways and fun!
Hope to see you there!!


My Vintage Hands

My Vintage Hands

A couple of weeks ago, I signed on to Facebook and there was a post written by an eBay seller. Not someone that I actually know, just someone I see posting sometimes. She was ranting about how poorly other sellers compose photos to sell product. She was going on and on about how people take photos on their sofa and do not pay attention to the backgrounds. And this one comment stood out to me like a blinking neon light. She said "And I don't want to see your hands! Why do people have their hands in photos? It's so unprofessional!"
You know how you see a post and you want to comment, but don't and then you wish you did? 
Well, Now I am going to comment. 
I like to use hands in my photography. It is a great size reference and it gives the buyer an idea of how a piece jewelry might look while being worn. My daughter has beautiful hands and for years she was my hand model. She's in college now. She's busy. 
The hands that I use now are mine. They aren't pretty. They are old and wrinkled. They have big scars and they are dry because I am allergic to leather. (The girl with a leather steering wheel in her car. The girl that holds leather reins every day. Allergic.) I get manicures to help them look better, but they just aren't pretty. They never were and never will be. 
They are working hands. They have served me well. They learned with me how to sew all of my own clothes when I was 13. They made thousands of dried flower wreaths and hats in the 1980s and 1990s when I had my first business. They drew ads and created art. They changed diapers, held a little girl's hand and braided her hair. They cooked hundreds of hamburgers for the kids fundraiser at school. They drove the van full of giggling little Brownies to sell the Girl Scout cookies. They cleaned and cooked, gardened and pulled weeds. They took care Cory's burns when his racecar caught on fire. They practiced injecting insulin into an orange when my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. They saddle a horse and clean his stall. And every day they hurt. They have swollen joints from too many years making a living banging on computer keys. 
My hands are like the vintage silver Indian pieces that I love most. Like the bracelet above with grooves worn into it from so many years of constant wear. It took on the shape of the wearer's wrist. Or even the one below with dings and scars all over it. Those old loved and worn pieces match my hands. 
So dear eBay seller,
You'll see these hands all over my website, all over my Facebook page, my ads and my Instagram feed. They aren't pretty, but they serve me well. And I bet that out there somewhere there are more than a few other women with hands like mine that would like to see that vintage hands can wear pretty rings too!
High fives!
The Road Trip That Was A Long Time Coming

The Road Trip That Was A Long Time Coming

Honey, I'm Home!
For the first time in about 9 years, I took a little vacation. My dearest lifetime friend and I did a road trip to the Southwest. I was gone for four days and here is what we did. 
The first day we drove to Scottsdale, AZ. I did some buying on my way because of some great connections made by a picker that I have been buying from for years. A big thank you to him. You'll get to view what I found this Friday through my fresh finds jewelry sale. 
I live at the beach and it is beautiful and all, but to get away to a place where the terrain is so different was so refreshing. The earth is red, the sky is so blue and the air was so crisp and clean that I could not stop taking long deep breaths to take it all in. I know why people move to AZ for the air!
By coincidence, my sweetheart, Cory was about 20 minutes away from out hotel racing. He got us free passes to attend the NHRA Arizona Nationals where Cory did not drive, but was the clutch man for his dear friend Del Worsham. Here's a cellphone shot of the car on the track. 
 This is Cory with Crew member Paul looking up from work just long enough to smile for the camera. Cory is the guy with one glove. Our team ended up qualifying and going one round where were smoked the tires and lost to Robert Height. 
After a fun day at the races, we did some night shopping in Scottsdale. 
The next day, we were off to The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. I have wanted to attend this event since 1991 when I purchased my first Arabian Horse, Snickers. My current horse, Red Wolf actually competed at this event with his previous owner. 
The horses were beyond beautiful. We loved watching the halter classes, liberty and the English pleasure classes the most. Shopping was outstanding with lots and lots of turquoise. That aspect of this trip will be a separate blog post. You can read it here. With all of the costumes, action and fanfare, still my favorite part of the show was getting to go into the barns and talk to the horses. They are so intelligent, bright-eyed and beautiful. I love their energy.
The last day, we headed back and stopped somewhere that I have always wanted to go. Quartzite, AZ. The gems, minerals, fossils and stones were overwhelming. I loved it! I even came home with a handful of fine specimens for my website. I did not purchase that amazing sugilite stone. It was over $150.00. 
It was a great trip. So relaxing. I was able to de-stress and find inspiration in my surroundings. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my huge inventory and outlet website project. Let's do this!