How to Make An Offer

If you love a piece, but need a better price there are several ways to make an offer. Many of the pieces on this website have a bright blue "Make an offer" button. Click it and make an offer.

How much should you offer? A good guide is 10 to 20% off, but you can offer anything that you want. The fresher the find, the less I want to discount it. If I've had it for a while, I will be more willing to move it along at a nice discount.

The negotiate/make an offer app option is a chatbot run by AI. It even has a name...Nibble. I have plugged in bottom line discounts so that you can have an instant answer instead of waiting for me to see a message. It will haggle with you.

The thing that I love about this new app is that you get an answer or counter offer in  seconds. So much better than before when I was emailed and you had to wait hours for an answer.

There will also be some surprize pop-ups offers as you shop items not showing a negotiate button. How fun is that? Hundreds of items on this website have surprize pop-ups.


If your offer is too low and declined, you can contact me at and we can talk about it or use the contact button to send me a message. 


NOTE: If you have a bundle or more than one item in your cart and you make an offer and it is accepted, you cannot change what is in your cart at that time. If you add or remove an tiem the offer acceptance will be deactivated and you will have to do it again with your updated cart. 

Known Glitches

You cannot combine an offer with any other discount. If you try to stack discounts and add a code to your order at checkout, the cart will dump your negotiated price code and honor the new code that you entered. I cannot refund back when that happens as it causes technical issues where I cannot print a shipping label or the items in your order zero out and I cannot see them. 

There is sometimes a glitch when paying with paypal and the discount does not carry over. Please let me know if that happens.