How "Make an Offer" Works

So you really like it, but you are a little short on cash this week. Or you just don't want to wait for the next sales event and take a chance that it might be gone by then. You want it now at a price that makes you happy. 

You see a "Make an Offer" button, but How Does It Work?

First of all, with a website we have to buy apps to perform functions like this. For the last year I have been operating with an app that was very manual. There were problems with it. Emails that were lost in spam or never arrived and offers were made that I never saw. Disappeared into thin air, Poof! But like magic, just when that app was on my last nerve I found a new one. Just yesterday I installed the new offer app that I think will be much easier to work with.

Here's how it works: 

You decide that you want to make me an offer. You hit the "Make an Offer" button. How much should you offer? A good guide is 10 to 20% off, but you can offer anything that you want. The fresher the find, the less I want to discount it. If I've had it for a while, I will be more willing to move it along at a nice discount. I review every offer personally.

You can send a little note with your offer, which I love. The problem with the app is that it does not let me answer you directly. I have to answer within the response email or send you a separate email. So if you ask me for more information about the item, look for an email from me. 

So you get your nerve up and you hit the "Make an Offer" button and this will pop up. 

You enter your offer and check the "smart bar" below your offer. It will guide you to let you know your odds of acceptance.

The smart bar is a great feature. Right now it is set to the industry standards, but as time goes on it will learn how we do business together and it will remember every offer discount given and adjust to our way of haggling. 

The closer to the green, the better your chances. This is super important if you are interested in a fresh find that I posted on Facebook. Many of these sell in minutes and there have been broken hearts that lost an item because they were wanting a discount and someone came in and bought it full price during the offer process because they wanted to secure it. 

The offer tool will even show you what your discount is with the price that you entered.

If you are close to or in the green you have a great chance of automatic acceptance. If the system isn't sure, it will send me a text message so that I can approve or counter right on the spot. So much faster!

If you send a lowball offer, I will get an old fashioned email and I will have to review and counter or decline. This takes longer. Keep this in mind if you are competing for a fresh find. 

During the offer process,  the item remains for sale. This system does not hold items during the offer process.  If it sells before I see your offer, I will contact you and let you know that it's too late for this piece. While the item is unsold I will respond to your offer with an accept, decline or I might counter with my very lowest price that I can sell the item for. I will haggle, that's the fun of it! During this process the item still will be for sale and someone else can buy it. The item is never yours until you pay for it. 

If you really love a piece I will work hard to come to a price that makes us both happy. 

(And just in case you were wondering, I don't offer layaway.) 

If you have a question you can email me at or contact me through my Facebook page or Facebook messenger...even Instagram for I check it several times per day. 

If you send me an offer and do not hear from me within 24 hours, please contact me. 


Thank you so much!! 

❤️  Linda