Navajo Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet with Holy Cross Landscape Agate Stone

Navajo sterling silver cuff bracelet by 

Evelyn Abeita, Hallmarked on the back. It is set with and agate that is commonly called a landscape agate and one can see an abstract landscape of some sort in each stone. This one, try as I might, I see the Holy Cross, almost a crucifix with a huge halo above it. There is a matrix line that looks like a thorn branch. The matrix line has an indentation, but it is not a crack. Unusual colors and the natural design is kind of a miracle. 

The stone is set in a plain bezel with twisted wire rope, raindrops and appliqué. There is a convex fan on each side of the stone. One has two dents. 

Measures 1 1/2" wide. The interior measures 6" plus the opening of 7/8". Will fit a 7" wrist as It will bent out a little to adjust. Weight: 48.3 grams.