20 Year Anniversary!

Aug 19, 2018
I cannot believe it! 20 years ago today I was on bed rest, waiting for my daughter to be born and I listed my first item on eBay.
My first sale was an antique sewing notion that sold for $17. Everything was offered by auction only in those days. 
I taught myself to list antiques on eBay with a Gateway Laptop computer. I spent my savings of $3500 on that thing, which I still have in the closet today. It was the newest fastest thing at the time.
There was no software built into eBay to show photos of what you were selling, so if you wanted photos in your listing, you had to learn to code. So, I did.  There was no Paypal. Buyers had to send payment by mail in the form of checks or money orders. There was no Facebook, No Twitter, No Instagram. No Pinterest, No Etsy and no Shopify. There was no on line shipping either. There was no DSL, only dial up. It took over an hour to create one listing and it felt like it took an hour just to log onto the internet. Back in those days anyone could leave feedback for anyone for any reason on eBay. Boy, did things change. 
I left eBay behind many years ago and never looked back. While I was building my website, I was a vendor on One Kings Lane until it sold to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had a little Etsy store for a while too. 
But now....These are the best days!!!

 I have a really fun website and the best customers in the world!

It takes 5 minutes or less to create a listing and it most can be done from my phone...this amazing little computer in my pocket. I can send push notifications to everyone when I am having an event and it takes 20 seconds. No one has to snail mail any money and I can have items in the mail in no time. This is awesome! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

So, Please Celebrate my 20th Anniversary with me!

Everything on my website is

40% Off
With Promo Code



That's not all. 
There's a FREE gift with purchase. 
I spent several days making these little glass bottle pendants Just for you. They are filled with Mexican Opal shards from the Magdalena Mine. There are red fire opals, orange opals, clear crystal opals and white opals. Every pendant is different. They measure 1" tall. They will be filled with opals and water. The cork will not be glued in place. That is up to you if you want it glued. (Krazy glue or hot melt will work). 
You get one FREE with an order of $100.00
One per customer while supplies last. 
Aren't they cute?
So to YOU I offer a deep heartfelt
for 20 years of business and patronage. Because of you I was able to raise my daughter alone, be a stay at home mom and make a living. I am so proud that we have been going strong for 20 years! Let's kick off 20 more! 
❤️ Linda 

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