Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few questions that I am often asked...

Do I buy from people on line?


I buy in person at antique shows. I also have several highly experienced and knowledgable pickers. I need to see items in person to determine authenticity.

Do I accept Returns?

Pretty much No on vintage.

 Vintage and antique items are NOT sold on approval and in most cases a final sale.

If you have made me an offer and got a discount, no returns.

✅ Ask questions before you order. 

Know your accurate ring size. Finger sizes change with weight, measure before you order. 

Know your wrist size. Ask me if the bracelet is adjustable before you hit the buy button.

Know your hat size and know your shoe/boot size. 

This isn't eBay and it isn't Amazon. 

If you need help determining it will fit, Contact me. 

If you are kind, I am willing to work with you and my aim to is always to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. I am often open to an exchange.

🪴In the event that you need to return your item, the return must be authorized by me. If you take it upon yourself to send it back and then tell me that you are returning it, I will send it back to you.

Return shipping must be paid by buyer.

⭐️Item must not be sized, polished, cleaned, repaired, altered or modified in anyway. Must be shipped back to me in original box and envelope and insured.

🌟Vintage items returns will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Item must be returned within 7 days of you receiving the item. 

✅ Items sold "On Sale", at a Sale event or discounted are a Final Sale. 

Do I issue partial refunds?

No. If you purchase an item and then contact me to negotiate a partial refund, I will not do it. That is actually considered cyber shoplifting.

Refunds on combined shipping?

Absolutely YES! You don't even have to ask. I will automatically combine several orders to one parcel and refund back any shipping overage.

Your package never arrived or it item arrived damaged. Don't worry, I have you covered! 🙂

✅ Never arrived?

Contact me through email at: or through the chat icon at the lower right.

Every parcel is insured or loss or damage. They will instate a waiting period to give the carrier a change to find it, but they do cover lost packages.

✅Your item arrived damaged

Contact me through email at: or through the chat icon at the lower right.

Keep all packing materials.

I always insure every parcel and we will filed a claim. They will want photos of the damage and the packaging.

✅Your order tracking shows delivered, but it was not delivered to you

Contact me through email at: or through the chat icon at the lower right.

My shipping insurance covers this issue too. They will want a statement from you regarding you not receiving it.

How can you get a discount?

⭐️Make an offer button

There are several ways to get a discount on this website. You can use the make an offer button. 1/5 of the listings on this website have them.

Learn about Make an Offer HERE

⭐️Watch For "Nibble" Pop-Ups

1/3 of the listings on this website have Pop-ups that are cntrolled by AI. If the website observes that you visit an item for a long time or often it will trigger a pop-up negociation chat called Nibble. You can haggle without having to wait for me to see a message. You can make a deal in seconds.

⭐️Save up Jewel Buck Rewards

You can use the Jewel Bucks link at the lower left to sign up for rewards. It keeps track of every purchase and you can redeem points or jewel bucks for free money to spend on my website.

⭐️ Attend One of My SALES Events

Register to be a VIP! I have secret sales roughly once a month. Could be a clear out or an estate "first in" release. You never know. They are always different.

There's two ways to join:

1. Scroll down and sign up for email notifications below.

2. Sign up for text messages. I manually send them and only send them when I have a sales evert.

About Me

I'm Linda and this is Red

I have been selling on line since 1998. I started selling on eBay and opened my Shopify store in 2013.

Before that I had a country antique store (with partners) and prior to that I had a dried flower and hat company. My designs were even sold at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales!

I spend my free time hanging out with my daughter, riding my horse, gardening, collecting antiques and turquoise and rare tropical plants.

I love my Shopify store and have the most wonderful customers ever!

My Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY I respect you and your privacy. Yourgreatfinds has to collect some personal information in order to fulfill your order, but I will never sell, rent or trade that information with any third party.This website is GDPR compliant. Your information is collected only for the purpose of shipping your order to you. I do not store your payment method. My payments are made through Shopify's Stripe account and I never see your card number. Your email address is kept on file for your convenience if you provide it. You will only receive marketing emails from me if you opt in and join my VIP club. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone but the payment processor and the post office. 

How to Make an offer and How spend your jewel bucks.....

How to Spend your Jewel Bucks

Here's how you do it:
Go to the rewards banner and click it. 

If you already have a rewards account it will take you there. If not, you can sign up now and the system should remember anything that you bought in the past and give you retroactive points. If you do not want to sign up, you can still take advantage of the great prices and fresh finds that have been added to my website. Once you arrive at your dashboard, find the "redeem points" button and click that. It will send you an email with a special code that works like a promo code or a gift card.The code is unique to you and will be kind of long. It will start with the amount of the credit. It will look something like this: 5Dollars-3byu57csIt's best to highlight and copy this code straight from your email. Include the "5Dollars" "10Dollars" "25Dollars" whichever yours is, because that is part of the code. You can only use one rewards code at a time. I cannot retroactively award the discount so if you have a problem, email me right away at Then you just paste that code into the promo code box at check-out.It's the same box that you enter sales event codes. That's all there it to it. If you don't have a rewards account, you can earn points not only from purchases, but from sharing on social media. It's fun and a great way to give yourself a discount.You can spend your points anywhere on my website on anything that you want.

How to Make an Offer

You hit the “Make an offer” button.

The thing that I love about this new app is that you get an answer or counter offer in  seconds. SO much better than before when I was emailed and you had to wait hours for an answer.

There will also be some surprize pop-ups offers as you shop items not showing a negotiate button. How fun is that? 


If your offer is too low and declined, you can contact me at and we can talk about it or use the contact button to send me a message. 


NOTE: If you have a bundle or more than one item in your cart and you make an offer and it is accepted, you cannot change what is in your cart at that time. If you add or remove an tiem the offer acceptance will be deactivated and you will have to do it again with your updated cart. 

Known Glitches

You cannot combine an offer with any other discount. If you try to stack discounts and add a code to your order at checkout, the cart will dump your negotiated price code and honor the new code that you entered. I cannot refund back when that happens as it causes technical issues where I cannot print a shipping label or the items in your order zero out and I cannot see them. 

There is sometimes a glitch when paying with paypal and the discount does not carry over. Please let me know if that happens.


Still need Help?

Here's How You Can Contact Me

This is a one woman business. You can send an email or a message through the chat at the lower right. I am not on line 24/7, but the messages and emails go to my phone. I am in the PST zone. I will answer if I am awake, not driving or riding my horse. Please know that I will answer as soon as I can because you are very important to me.