Antique Flea Market

Dec 22, 2015

This was me and my car, Daisy, at 4:00 AM heading to an antique event to search for turquoise. I worked for over 6 hours and came home with some amazing things. 

But let me tell you, it was HARD work. Turquoise is HOT HOT HOT and the prices have gone through the ceiling. I had to scour every booth to find the sleepers. 

This is the premier turquoise booth at this show. It had a crowd around it all morning. 

See that open spot? I put my phone in my pocket and started over there so that I could see into the cases and did not get there in time. The closest that I could get was the end where I could see this:


I went around the crowd and being a short girl, I peeked in under the arms, between the bodies to see a woman buy a bracelet for $850 that I would have charged about $300 for. I was stunned!!!! This dealer has wonderful things...but so do I. It just made me dig my heels in and search even more for good deals. Success! 

Here's a peek from our first photo shoot:


I did not buy this piece, but it was the largest turquoise rock that I saw all day. It is a huge men's bracelet. 

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