A Bordertown 4th of July

Jun 30, 2016

I wanted to think of a really fun event for the 4th of July weekend. But what? I thought back to when I was in college and a 4th of July weekend at Imperial Beach down by the Mexican border. Back then, you could buy fireworks in beach towns and you could set them off on the sand next to your bonfire. Red Devil Fireworks was my favorite. I miss the good sparklers that were so intensely bright. There were roasted marshmallows for the smores, great seafood and lots of laughs. 

Of course, we would cross the border, go into Tijuana for packs of firecrackers, street tacos and what ever good deals on stuff that we could find. 

And when you are you are in Mexico and it's time to pay for your find, you haggle. It's fun. 

So, that's It! I'll have a Mexican jewelry show! But how to haggle? I searched and finally found an app for my website that lets customers make an offer on items. OK, so let's try it! I have a trial period to test it out first, before I sign up.  Let's see what you think. 

So here is how the event will work:

Vintage Mexican Jewelry Show-

Starts at 4:00 PST Tomorrow night,  Friday, July 1. I will be releasing 40 fresh finds as well as several additional One Kings Lane back docket Mexican pieces that have not been released on my website before. You'll know them by the white background photography. I will release these pieces one right after another into the Mexican Folk Art & Taxco Silver Collection. There will be some folk art pieces as well. When I have this many pieces to release it takes me well over an hour for them all to go live because I have to release each one manually. So, set your preferences to show new releases first so that you can see them as they go live. Or, you can watch New Arrivals Here

Your promo code for 50% OFF in that collection is:



You can just use the code for an instant 50% off or you can take your chances and haggle. 

Note: This code is live right now and you can use it on existing items in the 

Mexican Folk Art & Taxco Silver Collection. Now. The fresh finds will be released at 4:00 PM PST. Tomorrow. 

How to Haggle:

At 4:00 PST when the event starts, "Make an Offer" Buttons will appear though out my entire website. 

They look like this:

You will be able to make me an offer on ANYTHING on my website. You can do this shopping, from your cart or wishlist. You do not have to only make offers on Mexican silver, it will be for everything on my website. 

The system will email the offer to me. I will review it, accept or counter with my price and we can haggle by email until we agree on a price. Once we agree on a price, I will create a special code for that item that you will enter at check out. That code will be yours alone for that item only and it will remove the exact amount of dollars needed to change the price to our mutually agreed number.  You will need to act fast though. The item will not be saved for you. It will be live until you hit the buy button and pay for it. 

How long will this event be live? Until midnight July 4th.

Here's the thing: If you and I like the "Make An Offer" tool, I'll keep it. It will become a regular part of my website. If you have time, please contact me and let me know if you like it or not. 


I love that we can talk and haggle this way. I can see the down side being that I may not be able to answer fast enough and someone missing out on a piece because they wanted a better price, but I will respond as fast as I can. I will sometimes have to respond from my iPhone and that will not be as quick for the Shopify app does not let me make codes quickly. 

But, let's give this thing a try! It could be just want we needed. 

I am always working to make shopping at Yourgreatfinds as close and personal as I can, just like  a brick and mortar antique shop. 

As always, YOU are very appreciated...and Happy Independence Day!




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