Buying Directly From A Picker

May 25, 2017

This morning I was laying in bed enjoying the cool early morning air coming in the window. I love that feeling! It's the same when I leave early, in the dark to go to a pick an antique show. 

I was thinking about how much happier I am now working directly with the people that collect my finds. 

While it was a fun experience selling on a high profile website, but there were things that I had no control over and that bothered me. 

I never got to meet my customers unless they sought me out and found my website.

We were required to shoot photos with stark white backgrounds and that meant heavy editing. They would often edit the photos further once I submitted them. This altered the colors of stones which made me cringe. 

They charged a huge commission on every piece and guess who pays for that...the customer. No to mention the shipping fees. 

It took quite some time for a fresh find to actually be scheduled and shown to the public. I'd be all excited about an estate pick and then I'd wait for you to see it...and wait...and wait. 

We were limited to what we could "say" in our descriptions. Certain words were to be used and others not. It was difficult to educate the buyer on the item that they were looking at. 

So as I am thinking about how much better it is for me to have my own website. I realized that it is so much better for you as well.

You get to buy directly from the picker. You can contact me, ask questions and request that I shop for you. 

I can tell you all about a piece, the history or if I know anything that I notice about it that makes it special. I love that I can go picking with you in mind. I know what you want, what you collect and I can look for the perfect piece for you.

You know what else I love? I love seeing photos of you wearing the jewelry that you got from me. I love posting them on Facebook and Instagram. I recently had a selfie contest on Insta and I can't wait to do it again. 

This is almost like having a brick 'n mortar store. I love knowing who you are. I feel like I have made so many friends in the last year.

I am so grateful and so appreciative that you are part of the Yourgreatfinds experience. I'm a lucky girl!!


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