November 04, 2016 0 Comments

Over that last several months I have been thinking that I have been going crazy. I keep losing jewelry. I've been doing this for more than 18 years.
What is wrong with me? 
I have a system. Fresh finds are kept in "The Box". As I pull and photograph them they sit on "The Desk" until they go live. Then they go to "The Big Tray" that sits on a little antique table next to my desk where they stay until they go into the appropriately labeled bin inside of "The Safe".
Lately, It seems like every few days there is a missing piece and usually it's a ring. I have given several refunds because I have sold a ring and when I go to pull it for shipping, it's gone. I had to refund Melody just yesterday.  Usually the rings are fresh finds that I know that I never even placed into the ring trays in the safe. I have also found single earrings that were part of a pair and have had to pull the listing right after it's release. 
On my desk right now is a great vintage tooled leather watchband with sterling silver hardware. See:
Late last night I decided to get this piece up and live on my website, went to measure it and only the buckle side was on my desk. The other side is no where to be found!
Am I out of my mind?
So, I was sitting there, in my chair in disbelief wondering if I need a long vacation when I heard a little noise behind me. 
My cat, Jasper, who is not allowed on the counters, tables or any of the furniture other than a few select chairs, was up on the table that holds "The Tray". I opened my mouth to tell him to "Get Down!", but stopped myself. You know how cats are. They know the rules and know them well, but they only apply to them if you are home and if you are looking at them.
Anyway, I stopped to watch my cat take his left paw, fish around in the jewelry tray until he hooked a ring. He then flicked that ring up into the air and chased it across my wooden floor into the next room. 
Great. Just great.
So, I will be moving all of my furniture this weekend. And "The Tray" will be replaced with one that has a lid. I wonder if he has a stash somewhere...